Web Design Special


Websites As Low as $250!….For a Limited Time

We believe in helping small businesses break into the market place without breaking the bank. We provide quality, affordable products and services. A decent website doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t have to look cheap either.

$250 Starter Kit Includes:

  • Three Standard Sized Pages
  • Unique, Custom Design
  • Domain Name + One Email Address
  • Free Hosting for One Month

Three Simple Steps:

  • Send us the links of 3 websites that you like, and tell us what you like about them
  • Send us any data, logos, photos or other graphics that you want on your new website
  • Send us a list of your top 5 possible domain names that you would like to own

We guarantee that your new website will be ready within two business days!

Bells & Whistles:

  • Need more pages to show off your stuff? Only $100 per standard sized page!
  • Want to put your Youtube Video on your site? Only $50 per video upload!
  • Need a logo? Only $50 for the design!
  • Need hosting? Only $20 per month!
  • Want to add an audio file to your site? Only $20 per audio file upload!

Other elements can be added upon request. The three pages can be the Home Page, an About Us page and a Contact Us page or any other page distinctions that you would like. Standard page size is 994 pixels wide x 768 pixels high. Larger sizes are available upon request. Two business day guarantee goes into effect once all materials are received from the client. To purchase the Starter Kit click the Google Buy It Now Button below: