Video Production



Cost Effective High Definition Video Production by Audix

Audix is known for creating the highest quality of videos for any websites, interviews and other needs. When it comes to video production, Audix video production specialists start things off with a comprehensive brainstorming process in order to write a well written script that will run as the backbone of the whole video production process. From there we will carefully schedule powerful interviews and meaningful locations for the most professional video production available. We will make sure that with the editing process, we provide an emotionally stirring, and visually stunning video that would fit your website or ceremony needs.

Our video production process is done by the best in the business catering to all your commercial or personal requests. Our video production specialists who handle your video production requests are all experienced in the field of multi media, they are true film junkies who appreciate and embrace the latest technology and techniques. And with our affordable services, we make sure to carry out a professional, touching and unforgettable presentation meant for your target audience.

In terms of quality, we produce high definition videos in order to satisfy your expectations from us and in order to put up the best quality of presentation into your website. Our end products are all meant to capture the attention of the target audience from the beginning of the presentation and use all of the tools and techniques necessary to bring your audience to the desired conclusion.

  • Quality
  • Professional
  • High Definition
  • Powerful
  • Touching
  • Unforgettable
  • Keepsake

Audix Consulting will:

  • Schedule interviews (including some of the most sought-after personalities in Utah)
  • Film the interviews in convenient, meaningful locations that will provide a great background
  • Carefully edit each video to include only the most powerful and complimentary comments
  • Write powerful voice-over scripts for the still shot portion of the video
  • Arrange for a meaningful family or community member to record the voice over or use a pro
  • Create a beautiful, touching video for your honoree or subject


All at a fraction of the bid of our nearest competitor!