8.) Peace of Mind: Outsourcing agreements offer protection for both parties, and remove any nasty human interactions that can take place when in-house workers are dismissed. Outsourcing companies can also be held responsible for negligence and poor performance in legally binding contracts, further aiding the outsourcing drive.

The liability of a service provider is higher than that of an in-house employee. This makes working with us a safer bet for your business.

Outsourcing can also help improve mental health. Internet marketing, like any other occupation can become stressful. When you have help, you are able to reduce your work-related stress. Working too much is almost never a good idea. Workaholism is a real problem and one that can cause a great deal of stress, anxiety and worry. During times when the job market is tight, outsourcing means your company has access to a larger pool of workers. If your business is open to having some functions performed offsite, then your organization is not limited to considering in house talent only.

Example: We have one client that is so overwhelmed with keeping up with the current demand for their products and services during the first part of the year that they have zero time to do the marketing necessary to keep them bust during the second half of the year.  Therefore, they have turned their entire marketing program over to Audix.  So, when they get a call in February from someone wanting to sell them advertising, they don’t have to stop serving a customer to evaluate whether or not it is a valuable advertising medium. They stay focused on their customer, and leave the evaluation and strategy to us.

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