4.) Improved Service: Outsourcing can actually help improve service. Marketing and accounting services are some of the most commonly outsourced jobs, and Audix has been working in those specific fields for years. Having an outsource company handle non-core business activities usually leads to better service.

As a result of better communications, outsourcing has helped a number of companies reduce their turn around times. In the big picture, you can reduce time to market on new products and improvements beating rivals that do not outsource. Audix has expert employees along with specialized processes and technology that ensure better quality of output for your company. One advantage of having a vendor contract is that we are bound to certain levels of service and quality. An example of this is if your marketing function is outsourced and the specialist calls in sick, it is our responsibility to find someone to replace them and meet your needs.

Example: We have a client who uses Audix to do their video production on a regular basis.  When our cameraman called in sick the night before a big filming event, it was on our shoulders to find a new cameraman for the following day.  Everything went seamless for our client and they were able to focus on the fun aspects of the event without having to worry about cameramen or equipment for the filming.

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