3.) Access to Skill Sets and Capabilities: The growing shortage of skilled workers has prompted companies to look elsewhere for these skill sets. Outsourcing enables you to access a pool of workers equipped with a range of skills. Finding skilled resources is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies today, not to mention the investment required to train employees and the attendant infrastructure required, which can rapidly drain funds.

Outsourcing frees companies from these hassles by providing access to skilled resources at lower costs, with the additional benefit of not having the burden of managing them directly. In the previous section we discussed how having industry experts available to complete outsourced tasks can result in a cost savings for the company but having these experts on call also provides the potential for new opportunities for the company.

With experts waiting in the wings to assist, the company is able to go after larger and more specialized types of work. This is important because in doing this you can find yourself enjoying greater prosperity. Vendors have focus on particular services and play in volume. This enables them to keep themselves up-to-date with the technology required in these services.

You can also avoid technology obsolescence and leverage the vendor’s access to diverse and advanced technologies. You already have a core product and/or service. That’s your set of expertise, and that’s what you need to focus on. Anything that falls beyond your core business model might be better left being outsourced. So as much as you understand how some particular marketing channel can help you increase sales, you’re not an expert on that channel, and you shouldn’t be. You should be focused on optimizing your own internal processes, and avoid getting distracted by some particular sales/marketing tactic.

Example: If you’re an affiliate that relies on SEO to drive/refer traffic, marketing is part of your core business model, and can be kept in-house. But if you’re a manufacturer or retailer, then you might want to outsource it. This way, you can free up resources and bandwidth to optimize things like supply chain management.

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