Specialized Appraisal Flyer
Specialized Appraisal Flyer

New Client Has Great Service: Specialized Appraisal offers a great service that we think you should know about. We designed and printed a flyer for Specialized Appraisal that advertises a unique service…property tax appeal!

According to Craig Peterson, President of Specialized Appraisal – If you DON’T appeal your property taxes, you have agreed to pay the HIGHEST POSSIBLE TAX! Well, that makes sense, right?

Your first thought might be about how labor intensive or expensive it might be to take on such a crusade against the government. That’s the best part…Specialized Appraisal does all of the work for you! Better yet, they won’t charge you a penny unless you win!

To top it all off, if you do win, the fee could be as little as $125!!! It’s definately worth it…what if they save you thousands…year after year?!?! One last thing we should mention…evidently they’re very successful with it, they win most of their cases 🙂

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