Sneak Peak
Get a glimpse of the new Able-Differently website that Audix has been working on before it launches!

The Audix team came up with a new design and converted their existing website with over 150 pages to a WordPress theme.  The new WordPress theme will allow the staff and volunteers at Able-Differently to manipulate and add content to their website with little or no knowledge of web programming skills.  The ability to manage their own content will prove to be a major cost savings down the road.

The Able-Differently website is a valuable resource for the parents of autistic children, as well as professionals who work with autistic children.  As Able-Differently adds more content to their website, more parents will be able to learn about autism and how to enrich their child’s life.  It has been a great honor for Audix to be involved in bringing this valuable information to the cloud in a more readable format.

Many users of the site have commented on how much easier it is to navigate and find the information they are looking for. It is the hope of Able-Differently and Audix that some of the new features of the website will encourage more people to donate to this wonderful charity.

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