Mass Texting Program


Audix has just developed a software that will send out text blasts via Google Voice.  We have a major client that generates tens of thousands of leads per year from trade shows and has had a difficult time marketing to a mass amount of leads.  Since the client’s target market is ina an age group that is likely to use and respond to SMS messages, we have focused our marketing efforts on sending out messages via text.  Which works really well and we have experienced a tremendous amount of success with.

However, use of the free Google Voice software only allows for five numbers to be texted at a time, which is time consuming when dealing with a list of tens of thousands.  There are mass texting programs out there that you can blast out a mass text through via their website such as or  There are a couple of drawbacks to these sites, #1 – they charge you per text, sometimes as much as $0.05 per text, which really ads up if you’re texting a couple thousand people per week.  Problem #2 – the inbox is separate from the outbox, therefore, you can not see the conversation fluidly in one screen.

We feel that it is important to make each lead feel like they are special, so we think it’s important to be able to view the history of the “conversation” with each lead when they respond to our blasts.  Google Voice offers this ability to view the conversation history.  So, we automated the text blasting system to integrate with Google Voice as well as included a couple of key features that we use on a daily basis.  We included the ability to add the person’s first name as well as another data field.

For example, our software was created out of necessity for our client in the bridal industry (but can be used for any industry) so, the text will look something like this: “Hi [First Name], this is Me from Amazing Bride Company, you won a prize in our drawing at the [Bridal Show], please text us back if you want to claim it.”

Then we simply upload our data: phone number, brides first name and the bridal show she attended.  The software does the rest by merging the data fields into the text message and blasting out a text message to thousands of brides….for free!  No more paying 5 cents for every text, that money stays right in our pockets!  Plus, we get to see the conversation history through Google Voice and make each bride feel special by having a personalized conversation with her as we lead her through the process of closing a deal with us.

Audix’s small business clients can also benefit from this mass texting program.  We have tested it and we absolutely love it and we think everyone who markets their services and products via SMS should have access to this software.  So, we are making it available to the public.  If you have any questions regarding our mass texting software, please feel free to contact us!