Custom WordPress Website


Would you like to have more control over your website?

WordPress, one of the most successful open-source blogging platforms, has become a powerful tool for integrating Web 2.0 features on your website. Besides an excellent Content Management System (CMS), WordPress offers thousands of free plugins (created by a community of developers) that can add a variety of features and functionality to a website.

Even if you’re not ready to host a blog on your website, your website’s theme can be converted to WordPress to maintain your current look-and-feel while adding useful features such as social media integration and search engine optimization (SEO), which could otherwise be expensive to implement.

Have you been looking for an affordable way to convert your existing website to a WordPress theme?

Whether adding a page to your website or adding a new blog post, WordPress offers an easy to use editor: capable of adding images, audio, video, and other media to your content without the need to understand code. For web-savvy editors, there is a HTML tab which allows access to the underlying code if advanced editing is desired. Why pay a web programmer to frequently add or update content on your website? Over the years, a Content Management System is worth the investment.

Look no further, Audix now offers WordPress conversion for very affordable rates!

Audix helps clients customize their theme: either by modifying an existing theme (starting with a theme and modifying some of the underlying code and graphics) or by creating a custom theme. If clients choose to keep their existing website layout / look-and-feel, Audix can import the existing website as a new WordPress theme, thereby maintaining current branding with added WordPress functionality (content management, plugins, etc.).

Take your existing site, design and content and move it over to a WordPress based theme and start managing your own content today!

WordPress Installation or Upgrade – We install the WordPress platform on the hosting servers of your choice. We can host your blog, or you can use your preferred providers. (Or, you are always welcome to use your own hosting company as long as they support WordPress and your chosen functionality.)

Custom graphic design – We’ll work with you to determine the right layout and structure for your blog. We’re experts at this, so we can make your blog look anyway you want! Then we will design your totally unique theme using your photos and images, or we can supply excellent professional graphics if needed.

Plugins and features – We’ll set up the bells and whistles that supercharge your WordPress blog. Some are designed to make using your blog easier for you, some help your blog visitors subscribe and share your blog with others, and some add technical components in a way that’s so easy to use you’ll be amazed! Note: Not all plugins are created equally, and there’s a lot of very bad and unstable plugins out there. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you, and you’ll have the highest quality blog!

Search engine friendliness – We’ve been students of search engine optimization since 1997, and are expert in configuring WordPress for maximum search engine placement. All of our themes are 100% fully search engine friendly and set up to maximize your exposure on Google and the other search engines. The blog would be set up to automatically create the best underlying code for SEO. Your title and meta tags would also be automatically set for you, unique for each post, but you would also be able to very easily manually control these also if you wanted, on a post by post basis. This is VERY powerful for achieving good search rankings.

Full control with Widgets – All custom themes are “widgetized.” This means you will have control over what elements appear in your sidebar, and in what order. Based on your unique needs, widgets can be used for a variety of areas of your blog, giving you maximum control over your content without ever touching any code. You control the content, the theme we create will make sure it looks great!

Upgraded commenting – Our themes support “nested comments” ready – which means that your site visitors can not only post comments about your content, but also create rich discussions with each other, and you! This feature is excellent for building a strong and loyal readership and ensuring return traffic.

Audio & Video enhancement – Always wanted to “podcast?” Want to share YouTube video with your readers? With our themes, all you have to do is know how to copy and paste and you will look like a technical genius!

Automated spam filtering – Spam are rampant, but never fear! We will configure your blog so that you never have to worry about nasty spam filling up your blog. One client was dealing with 100’s of spams a day on his blog before we helped reconfigure his WordPress blog. Now, the spam never makes it past the filter, and our client is free to enjoy blogging again!

Social Bookmarking – Your blog will be social bookmark enabled, so your visitors will simply have to click an icon to share your blog with the world!

And much more – As experts in developing blogs and sites with WordPress, we can utilize the full power of this platform to create the blog of your dreams. Just contact us to discuss your needs!