Many companies offer product personalization to their customers, but very few offer the customer the opportunity to choose their personalization options right on the website.

If you have products that your customers can add their own custom text, graphics, monograms and photos to, but don’t have that capability to show them what the finished product might look like right on their screen, give Audix a call.  It is often much more affordable than you would think to add this type of functionality to your website.

As online purchases escalate and consumers do more of their shopping online, web product personalization becomes more and more essential to converting web visitors into paying customers.  Here are some examples of companies that are using online product personalization to streamline their operations and capture a wider audience:, and

If you would like for your customers to be able to visualize their name, logo or other graphics as they appear on your products, right on your website…then give Audix a call to find out more about our product personalization services.

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