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This press release has just been issued to note the launch of this valuable resource for soldiers:

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Experts Help Soldiers Get What They’re Entitled To

Utah’s own, Audix Business Services just helped Sergeant First Class Joshua Runnels take his twenty-four years of experience in the United States Army and put it into a website that just launched. The website is and the site is a free resource for all Army personnel.

Audix set up the website using a content management system, meaning that SFC Runnels can easily add information on a continuous basis without having any webmaster experience.

“We got tired of seeing Soldiers being screwed out of their basic rights so we started researching and found there is a lot of information that is not readily known nor disseminated downward to lower levels,” says SFC Runnels.

After spending years helping other soldiers on a one-on-one basis, SFC Runnels decided that all soldiers, across the globe, deserved to have this information readily available. A soldier shouldn’t have to spend hours of research and become a legal expert in order to claim the benefits that are rightfully theirs.

SFC Runnels points out, “Too often a Soldiers Chain of Command is quick to brush a Soldier off instead of trying to teach or inform them. We are very proficient in our knowledge and can provide reference for all our answers with Army Regulations as well as through our own personal experiences.” was just launched in January of 2012 and already has a wealth of information concerning Army Regulation, Wounded Warrior Rights and many other tips and tricks for soldiers to get what they’ve been promised.

Also, if a soldier goes to and is unable to find the answer to their question, they can submit their question to SFC Runnels. SFC Runnels will do the research for them and get back to them promptly with an answer. In addition, each soldier’s questions will be posted on the website with the answer so that information can be readily available to other Army personnel throughout the world.

This is a great resource for all Army personnel and they deserve to know about it.


If you would like more information about this valuable resource, or to schedule an interview with SFC Runnels, please contact Aisza Wilde at 801-997-0703 or

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