Ever Wonder Why Your Graphics Look Great on Your Computer, But Are Blurry or Pixilated on Your Printout?

If you’ve spent hours upon hours creating a beautiful flyer or important announcement only to find that your logo or some other graphic came out blurry or pixilated on paper, then you know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out why. At Audix, we hear this complaint from our clients every once in a while and the solution is actually quite simple once you understand what’s going on.

Here’s the problem: Many graphics that you find on the internet are created in 72 dpi, which is high enough resolution for viewing on the computer screen.  However, if you want a crisp and clean printout you have to have an image that has been created in 300-600 dpi. Low resolution images that are only 72 dpi not only look good on the computer screen, but they take up a lot less memory which is great for the internet where we demand fast downloads.  But try to print them out…

Here’s the solution: If the problem is your company logo, or other image that you own the rights to, you simply need to use a “high-resolution” version of the logo (you can usually spot a high-res image by the size of the file).  If you don’t have a high-res version of the image, you can create one…if you have the right software, such as InDesign. If you don’t have the software, we can help.   Just give us a call and we’ll help you get some high resolution images for your publication.

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