Since 2010 Audix has been performing all of the marketing functions for Beautiful Wedding Announcments in Salt Lake City. With over 25,000 weddings taking place in Utah each year, lead generation, lead management and appointment scheduling is a huge undertaking. As a small print shop, Beautiful Wedding Announcements existing staff wasn’t enough to take on the daunting job of making sure that no bride slipped through the cracks. That’s where Audix stepped in to assist them with not only lead generation and lead management, but with appointment scheduling as well. Therefore, the staff at Beautiful Wedding Announcements can focus on making beautiful custom designed wedding invitations.

Due to marketing tecniques that Audix implemented during 2011, Beautiful Wedding Announcements revenue has more than doubled over 2010! As a direct result, they have since doubled their staff creating new jobs in our local economy. In addition to our marketing efforts, Audix has also met with several potential strategic partners in the community on behalf of Beautiful Wedding Announcements. Agreements made with these strategic partners could result in yet another doubling in revenue for Beautiful Wedding Announcements over the next few months. As the marketing efforts and partnerships mature and grow, we anticipate that our client will soon dominate the market for wedding invitations in our area!

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