Barcode Register App


This app was developed for fireworks stands, but can apply to any mobile business that sells items with bar codes on them.

The issue:

Choice #1 = Get a price list from the manufacturer. When your customer is ready to purchase, you search the list of items for a price for each one. Then you type the price into a calculator and add it all up. Hopefully, you read the price list correctly :/

Choice #2 = Get an iPad (ouch…if you don’t already have one) if you do have one already, ok…now get cell service for it so that you can take credit cards (ok, cell service for one month isn’t that big of a deal). BUT, if you want it to scan bar codes, now you have to buy hardware for that. Bar code scanners can run anywhere between $50-$1000. You can guess how much the iPad compatible one is.

The solution:

Turn your phone into a bar code scanner! No additional cell phone service and no additional equipment purchases necessary!

View a 2 minute demonstration: