About us

Audix has been providing quality, affordable services to businesses in the Salt Lake area since 1991. What started out as a small accounting and bookkeeping firm has transformed into a business services organization that not only provides accounting services, but also marketing, advertising, print media, website development, video production and many other quality services at deeply discounted rates.

Website Development Services

We believe that a decent website doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t have to look cheap either. We provide the level of quality that you are looking for, at a price that you can afford:

  • $250 Starter Kit Website
  • Video Elements on Your Web Page
  • Audio Elements on Your Web Page
  • Website Hosting Services
  • Many, Many More

Fundraising Services

Most non-profit agencies have over-worked and underpaid employees, more and more people needing their services and less money to provide services with. Sometimes the most obvious solution to the problem is to hire a full time development professional, but they just don’t have the budget to commit to another full time person. Outsourcing a portion of your workload to experienced professionals can dramatically increase your budget and reduce your stress level at the same time. Our fundraising services include:

  • Grant Writing
  • Special Events
  • Connections to Sponsors
  • Relationship Leverage Training
  • Board of Directors Training
  • Many, Many More

Advertising and Marketing Services:

  • Graphic Design
  • Video for your Website or Special Event
  • Printed Materials
  • Website Development Services
  • Direct Mail
  • Many, Many More

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Most small business owners don’t even want to worry about keeping track of their financial records, much less know what their financial statements are telling them about how they are managing their business. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to Audix Consulting can be a great way to not only focus on making money, but also get some useful feedback about how you can better manage the money that you are making. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Accounts Payable – Organize Your Company’s Bills
  • Accounts Receivable – Keep Track of What Your Customers Owe You
  • Auditable Financial Statements
  • Managerial Reports to help you run your business more efficiently
  • Consulting Services
  • Many, Many More